Coronavirus Updates


Available Classes

ALPS is open, and all of our part-time and full-time course options are available.

You can choose to attend in person at our school or online via Zoom.

Bimodal Classes - In Person or Online

Most ALPS classes will be bimodal style during the pandemic. That means that some students will attend face-to-face and some students will attend online. This will allow non-F-1 students who feel more comfortable staying home to continue studying online.

Bimodal / online classes at ALPS are all live (synchronous) and feature the same interactive ALPS teaching style, with lots of speaking practice and opportunities for feedback.

The total number of students in each group class, combining online and in-person students, is still 8 students maximum.

live (synchronous) Online Classes

Any eligible student can study 100% online. (Not all F-1 students may be able to study online–contact us about your specific situation). For students who feel more comfortable studying from home, we will continue to offer online classes through the end of the pandemic. All online classes are live (synchronous) and feature the same interactive ALPS teaching style, with lots of speaking practice and opportunities for feedback. 

F-1 Transfers and Initial I-20s

We can accept both transfer F-1 students and initial F-1 students. We are issuing I-20s so that students can make visa appointments as soon as embassies and consulates reopen. We process transfer applications quickly.

Safety Precautions

We want to have as safe an environment for our students and staff as possible given the circumstances.

For that reason, we will be following strict safety protocols.

  • Everyone in the building must wear a mask and practice social distancing.
  • ALPS has installed MERV-13 filters in its ventilation system, as well as a PHI cell air purifier.
  • Any students from outside of Washington State need to quarantine for 14 days before beginning face-to-face classes at ALPS, but they are welcome to begin classes online during their quarantine.


If you would like to know more about the additional safety precautions that we are taking, please contact us!

Last updated: March 16, 2021

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