ALPS Language School provides opportunities for students from diverse countries and cultural backgrounds to improve their English language skills to meet academic, professional and personal goals. We deliver high-quality English language instruction through a flexible course structure taught in small group classes, with emphasis on building the skills it takes to communicate effectively in today’s world.

What does “ALPS” stand for?






ALPS was formed in 1992 when a group of teachers came together to offer a unique, personalized approach to teaching English. We started small and have stayed small – by choice.

Our combination of small group classes and private lessons have helped a diverse range of students from around the globe to achieve a wide variety of goals. Successful college, university and graduate students got their foundation in English at ALPS. Professionals who needed a personalized touch upgraded their skills here.

New arrivals to Seattle and travelers passing through joined us to hone the English skills they needed to thrive and survive in America. It has been a pleasure and privilege getting to know so many students and teachers over the years. So many lifelong friendships have formed here in the school, and even some marriages. With ongoing improvements, and new programs to embrace the opportunities Seattle’s recent growth has offered, we’re excited for the future.

Boutique English

ALPS бол цорын ганц англи хэл заадаг жижиг бие даасан сургууль юм. Манай анги цөөхөн байдаг тул таны суралцах туршлагыг хувийн болгосон. Манай хичээл зүтгэлтэй багш нар зааварчилгаагаа тохируулж, оюутан бүрт тохирсон санал хүсэлтийг санал болгодог.

Манай жижиг хэмжээ нь бид оюутнуудад маш сайн үйлчилгээ үзүүлдэг гэсэн үг юм. ALPS-д хүн бүр таны нэр, зорилгыг мэддэг. Бид мэргэжлийн, эрдэм шинжилгээний болон өдөр тутмын асуудлаар ганцаарчилсан зөвлөгөө өгдөг. Бид оюутнуудаа гэр бүл шигээ халамжилдаг.



ALPS-ийн найрсаг зөвлөхөөс курс, виз, эхлэх огноо болон бусад зүйлийн талаар асуу.