Thank You – Transfer Application

Obrigado pela sua aplicação!

A equipe de admissões do ALPS entrará em contato com você dentro de 1-2 dias úteis.

Próximos passos:

Please pay the non-refundable application fee ($150).

Envie também os seguintes documentos por e-mail para

1. Copies of your passport photo page, F-1 visa, and most recent I-94

If you have any F-2 dependents, please also submit copies of their passport photo pages, F-2 visas, and most recent I-94s.

2. Documento financeiro

  • This must be an official letter from the bank, on paper which has the name of the bank printed on it, signed by a bank official, showing that there is enough money available for your tuition and living expenses. Or, it can be a bank statement from a bank in the US.
  • Your financial document must show a balance of at least $2700 per 4-week session that you plan to study. For example, if you plan to study for 12 weeks, you must show a balance of at least $8100.
  • The financial document can be for your personal bank account or your family / sponsor’s account.
  • A data em seu documento financeiro deve ser inferior a 6 meses.
  • If you have any F-2 dependents, your financial document must show an additional $500 per F-2 dependent per 4-week session that you plan to study.

3. Financial Responsibility Statement (for students with sponsors only)

If the account holder on your financial document has a different last name than you, please have the account holder fill out and sign a Financial Responsibility Statement. It is not necessary to complete this form if you and your sponsor have the same last name.


Por favor entre em contato with any questions about your application. We look forward to having you study with us!



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