Okul etkinlikleri

Practice English, Explore Seattle & Washington State, Build Community

Gain a deeper knowledge of American culture and discover wonderful Seattle and Washington State. Practice English and build community with the other members of the school. Our activities are English Only events. Bize Ulaşın to find out what activities we will have during your stay.

Each 4-week session a teacher leads:

  • 2-3 hour social hour with games and conversation in local cafes and pubs
  • 2-3 hour visit to local cultural attraction, museum or tourist attraction
  • Weekly Virtual Activity Hour online with games and conversation
  • Final Friday gathering with prizes


Each 4-week session we have two additional Student Meetup activities, which may include:

  • Visits to local cultural attractions, museums or tourist attractions
  • Movies
  • Sporting events
  • Picnics or BBQs in Seattle’s beautiful parks

All students pay the Facility & Activity Fee to cover the cost of our activity coordinators.  Students pay for their own transportation, entry fees (if applicable), food, beverages, etc.

Seasonal Big Activity

Several times a year, ALPS organizes a Seasonal Big Activity, such as a summer visit to Mount Rainier National Park, a fall visit to a pumpkin farm and Deception Pass State Park, a visit to the mountain village of Leavenworth, and a springtime Seattle Mariners Major League Baseball game. Students who wish to participate pay an additional fee of $50-$200 for the Seasonal Big Events.

ALPS öğrenci aktivite grubu, Seattle yakınlarındaki Rainier Dağı'nda öğretmenle birlikte
Rainier Dağı Alan Gezisi
Seattle'daki Mariners Major League Beyzbol maçında okul aktivitelerinde İngilizce pratiği yapan büyük bir ALPS öğrencisi grubu
Mariners Major League Beyzbol Maçı
Seattle yakınlarındaki Microsoft genel merkezindeki ziyaretçi merkezinde okul etkinliğinde ALPS öğrencisi grubu
Microsoft Ziyaretçi Merkezi
ALPS öğrencileri okul etkinliğinde Seattle feribot grubu fotoğrafı
Bainbridge Adası'na Seattle Feribotu
Seattle'daki Starbucks Reserve'de İngilizce pratik yapan ve kahve içen öğrencilerin ALPS okul aktivite grubu fotoğrafı
Starbucks Reserve Roastery


Dostça bir ALPS danışmanına kurslar, vizeler, başlangıç tarihleri ve daha fazlası hakkında danışın.