Our Staff

Peter Hauge Profile Image

Peter Hauge

Executive Director

Peter helped found ALPS in 1992 and has worked here ever since. His favorite thing about working at ALPS is meeting students from around the world and doing his best to provide a learning atmosphere where every student gains something useful from being here and where every student feels welcome. He loves teaching English and treasures every opportunity to be in the classroom. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family, messing about on boats of any kind, skiing and DIY home improvements.

Kerry Philben

Director / Admissions

Kerry started working at ALPS in 2018. She is originally from Redding, California. Her favorite thing about teaching English is hearing students' interesting opinions and experiences in speaking classes. In her spare time she enjoys playing the bassoon, reading long Russian novels, and brewing beer.

Deleasha Vincent

Academic Coordinator / Instructor

Deleasha started at ALPS in 2019. She grew up in Canada, and has lived in Seattle for the last 10 years. She loves meeting people from different cultures and listening to their stories. Her favorite part of teaching is helping her students achieve their goals. Outside of school, Deleasha enjoys reading, crafting, and spending time with friends. Fun fact: When Deleasha eats M&M’s, she sorts them by color and always eats the blue ones first!

Alex Hubbard

Manager of Student Affairs / Instructor

Alex began working at ALPS in 2022. He grew up in West Virginia, spent some time teaching English in Japan, and now has been in the Seattle area since 2017. His favorite thing about teaching English is being able to give students the tools they need to achieve their goals in life, whether they be professional or personal. In his spare time, he enjoys things like hiking/backpacking, cooking, reading, bouldering, and writing.

Eric Bailey

Enrollment Development Manager

Eric has a wealth of business development expertise and a passion for helping clients from all over the world achieve their business goals. He enjoys learning about different cultures and helping people succeed in both their personal and professional lives. Before joining ALPS, he gained experience teaching and learning languages in small groups, a highly effective method that is also used at ALPS. In his free time, Eric loves to travel, read nonfiction, and spend time with his family.

Grace Gannon


A Seattle native, Grace started teaching at ALPS in 2022. Prior to that, she taught English in Santiago, Chile, where she experienced more minor earthquakes than instances of rain in the three years she lived there. She loves the cultural exchange and shared moments of connection that happen in an ESL classroom. In her free time, she likes to run, watch foreign language movies, and keep up her Kindle reading streak.

Andy Nicks


Andy grew up in Poulsbo, Washington. He has spent most of his life in the Puget Sound area and loves it here. He taught English in Taiwan for four years and moved back to Seattle in 2019. He started teaching at ALPS in 2021. His favorite things about teaching English are seeing students improve and hearing their opinions and stories. Outside of school, he enjoys snowboarding, watching movies, writing screenplays, reading nonfiction, and camping.

Anna Hart


Anna started teaching at ALPS in 2021. She grew up in Seattle, lived in Turkmenistan for a year and then in northern Cyprus for about four years. She loves connecting with people from all over the world and helping people communicate in English well. She enjoys reading, writing, hiking, music, and long deep conversations.

Kevin O'Connor


Kevin is happy to be teaching at ALPS! He has been a university and college English teacher in Seattle for over twenty years. Being curious, sharing interests and talking about what's going on makes for great learning! Outside the classroom, Teacher Kevin / KO plays the trumpet as well as dance music with the Yaamba African Marimba ensemble. He also enjoys local pubs and coffee and tea cafes and likes to garden and hike in the great Northwest!

David Frank


David Frank is a writer, public speaker and teacher. Originally from Perth, Western Australia, David has taught in Japan, Vietnam, Scotland, England, Italy and the US. He moved to Seattle in 2017 and started teaching at ALPS and Seattle Public Schools in 2021. He is a former competitive sword fighter and a former radio DJ, and currently grows a lot of his own food.

Picture of Nancy Garvey, an English teacher at ALPS in Seattle

Nancy Garvey


Nancy moved to Washington in Summer of 2019 from the Bay Area and started teaching at ALPS in Summer 2021. She speaks both French and Spanish and understands the challenges of learning a new language. She hopes to learn one more new language. She loves working with language learners because she enjoys helping students adapt to the United States as well as learning about different cultures. In her spare time, she loves spending time with family and friends, reading, dancing, and traveling.



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