Student Stories


What's It Like to Study at ALPS?

ALPS students Itsuke, Mayu, and Shiho made this video as a class project. See what it’s really like to be an ALPS student: studying in small classes, speaking only English at school, and hanging out with other students from all over the world at lunchtime!

Preparing for University in the USA

ALPS student Isabella talks about gaining confidence, learning about American culture, and preparing for a master’s degree in ALPS’s Intensive Reading & Writing class.

Improving Speaking and Listening Skills

ALPS student Suchada talks about the friendly, close-knit learning environment at a small school like ALPS, and why the ALPS English Only policy isn’t as scary as it seems.

Building Community and Making Friends in Seattle

ALPS student Élisée talks about how the school’s friendly atmosphere and people’s shared focus on learning English helps him connect with other students.



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