Intensive Reading & Writing

Improve Your Reading and Writing Skills

Develop your reading skills and become a more confident reader.

Learn writing strategies to communicate ideas more clearly in writing for academic and professional purposes.

Practice different essay types and learn to effectively edit your work.

Get focused, personalized feedback in our interactive classes, with many opportunities to practice new vocabulary and grammar.

Improve skills that are critical to success on the TOEFL and IELTS exams.

What You'll Learn

  • Writing skills: sentence, paragraph, and essay structure; topic development; editing and proofreading skills
  • Reading skills: speed and fluency, vocabulary building, note-taking, critical thinking, and the academic discussion skills necessary for success in an American university classroom
  • Academic vocabulary
  • Grammar

Course Details

  • 2 periods daily, Monday – Friday
    • 1 ALPS period = 50 minutes + a 10-minute break
  • Each ALPS session is 4 weeks long – Take 1 or more sessions
  • 6 levels – beginning to advanced
    • We’ll give you a placement test to determine your level before you begin classes
  • Small class size guarantee – 3-8 students per class, 8 students maximum.

Included in:

Tuition: $760 tuition per 4-week session

  • One-time application fee – $150 for F-1 visa students, $50 for all other visa types
  • Facility & Activity fee – $35 per 4-week session
  • Medical insurance – $175 per 4-week session
    • F-1 visa students must have medical insurance. However, you are not required to buy insurance from ALPS. If you purchase insurance elsewhere, this fee is not charged.
  • Book fees – $30-90 per Intensive class (Intensive Speaking & Listening, Intensive Reading & Writing, and/or Intensive Test Prep), depending on class and level. You will need to buy new textbooks every 1-3 sessions.


Ask a friendly ALPS advisor about courses, visas, start dates, and more.