8 Students Maximum Per Class

Small classes mean more speaking time, more meaningful interaction, and more opportunities for feedback from your teachers. At ALPS, our teachers and staff get to know you and your goals, and our small class guarantee allows us to provide a personalized learning experience.

Although 8 students is the maximum class size, the average class is even smaller: just 4-6 students.

Small class sizes mean that our classes are very dynamic and interactive. You get a lot of individualized feedback from your teacher on your speaking, writing, pronunciation, and more.

Private 1-to-1 lessons are also available!

Flexible Start Dates and Program Lengths

At ALPS, students study anywhere from 1 to 72 weeks.

ALPS has official start dates every 4 weeks. Because our school has 4-week sessions (instead of quarters or semesters), it is very easy to set a custom course length that matches your goals and needs.

You can also request a shorter course of just 2 or 3 weeks. It is very easy to set a custom course length that matches your goals and needs.

We will work with your schedule to create a course that works for you.
Contact us today to inquire about custom dates.

English Only Policy

Students are always required to speak only English at all times at ALPS Language School. We want everybody to practice English as much as possible. We have this policy for two reasons:

  1. You are here to learn English! This policy gives you many additional opportunities to practice and improve more quickly outside of class.
  2. Speaking only English at all times makes creates an inclusive atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable and welcome. ALPS is a very diverse community, and most other students will not be from your country or speak your language. Speaking only English makes it easier to connect with students from many different countries and make new friends from all over the world.


With the ALPS English Only policy, English practice is not just limited to classroom time. You practice English for the entire time you are at school: during breaks, in the hallway, and lunch, and before and after classes.

Diversity and Community

We are very proud of our strong and diverse community at ALPS. Our school is a wonderful place to meet people and make new friends, whether you are visiting Seattle, just moved to the city, or have lived here for many years.

ALPS welcomes students from dozens of countries each year. Our classes, even though they are small, are very diverse. Most classes have students from 3 or more countries! Because we are so diverse, there are many opportunities to learn about other cultures and make friends from all over the world.

Personalized Advising

ALPS is a small, independent school providing one-of-a-kind English instruction. Because of our small class sizes, your learning experience is personalized. Our dedicated teachers adapt their instruction and offer customized feedback to every student.

Our small size also means that we offer excellent student services. At ALPS, everyone knows your name and your goals. We offer individualized advising on professional, academic, and everyday matters. We take care of our students as though they were family.

Advising in the following areas is available to ALPS students at no extra cost:

  • Job preparation: CVs, resumes, and job hunting
  • Academic: applying to universities, colleges, and certificate programs
  • Seattle logistics: housing, transportation, and navigating American life


Explore the Seattle area on ALPS activities!

Gain a deeper understanding of American culture and the culture of the Pacific Northwest.

Practice English outside the classroom with your classmates.

ALPS activities are led by a teacher and are English Only.

All students benefit from the ALPS School Activities. All students pay the Activity Fee.

Each 4-week session an ALPS teacher leads 4 cultural activities around the Seattle area. Activities can include:

    • Social hours with games and conversation in local cafes and pubs
    • Visits to local cultural attractions, museums or tourist attractions
    • Movies
    • Sporting events
    • Picnics or BBQs in Seattle’s beautiful parks
    • Final Friday gathering with prizes

College / University Pathways

Successfully complete advanced ALPS levels to attend one of our partner colleges or universities. Academic courses at ALPS Language School are designed for students who want to earn a degree at an American university or college and need to develop their academic English language skills.

If you have questions about requirements for specific universities or colleges, visit our University Pathways page or contact our Director of Admissions.



Ask a friendly ALPS advisor about courses, visas, start dates, and more.