ALPS Pathways – City University of Seattle


About City University of Seattle (CityU)

City University of Seattle (CityU) is a private, nonprofit university located in the center of downtown Seattle (only 2 blocks away from the Space Needle!).

Each year, CityU serves over 500 international students at their Seattle campus who come to CityU to complete their bachelor’s degree or earn a graduate degree. They have been helping students worldwide earn U.S. degrees and better their lives for over 40 years. Their mission is to provide high-quality education that is accessible to anyone, whether they want to study in or outside of the U.S. CityU students become part of an international community with students from over 40 countries and alumni who hold executive positions around the globe.

CityU International Programs

CityU offers career-relevant degree and certificate programs for international students who want to advance their education and broaden their perspectives while living in the Seattle area.

CityU Undergraduate Programs (Bachelor’s Degrees)


CityU Graduate Programs (Master’s Degrees)


CityU Language-Assisted Graduate Programs (Master’s Degrees)

  • Begin one of the graduate programs listed above with additional English language support classes to help you succeed.

English Proficiency Requirement

Complete ALPS Level 4 Intensive Speaking & Listening + ALPS Level 4 Intensive Reading & Writing to transfer directly into CityU’s undergraduate or language-assisted graduate programs.

Complete ALPS Level 5 Intensive Speaking & Listening + ALPS Level 5 Intensive Reading & Writing to transfer directly into CityU’s graduate programs.

Conditional Acceptance Letters

ALPS students are eligible to receive conditional acceptance letters from CityU.

  • “Conditional acceptance” means that CityU guarantees your acceptance into their programs once your English reaches the required level at ALPS.
  • Conditional acceptance can make the process of getting a student visa smoother, because you will be able to present both your letter of acceptance to ALPS and your conditional letter of acceptance to CityU. Your entire educational plan in the US will be clear to the consular officer at your visa interview.


You can request a conditional acceptance letter to CityU as part of your ALPS application. To get a CityU conditional acceptance letter, you will need to complete a CityU application.



Ask a friendly ALPS advisor about courses, visas, start dates, and more.