Change of Visa Status


Changing Visa Status To F-1

If you are interested in filing for an in-country change of visa status (changing your visa status without leaving the United States), ALPS is able to issue a Form I-20 for a change of status application.
However, we are not experts in immigration law, so we are not able to give advice about completing the I-539 form or the rest of your application for change of status.  It’s a good idea to consult an experienced immigration lawyer to help you with this process.
You are required to begin full-time classes at ALPS on our first available start date after your I-539 change of status application is approved. ALPS has start dates every 4 weeks, so you will not have very much time between receiving your approval notice and your first day of class at ALPS.

How To Apply

  1. Apply to ALPS Language School
  2. Receive your SEVIS Form I-20 and acceptance materials from ALPS
  3. Complete an I-539 application to change status to F-1. Submit your complete application package to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).  You may want to have an immigration lawyer help you with this step. If you don’t already have a lawyer, it’s a good idea to ask other people from your country for recommendations. You can also try searching this website:
  4. Wait for your I-539 application to be adjudicated. You will need to begin full-time classes at ALPS on the first available start date after your I-539 application is approved.

Course Options

With F-1 visa status, you must study full time (minimum 18 hours per week). Any of our full-time course options are suitable for students with F-1 visa status.

Students with F-1 visa status must study in person. They are not eligible to take online classes at ALPS.



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