Group Speaking & Listening Combo

Part-Time English for Everyday Life

Get an intensive experience in a short time! Take our Intensive Speaking & Listening small group class for 2 periods per day Monday-Friday plus a Special Topics elective class for 1 period daily Monday-Thursday. 

Improve your speaking fluency and confidence in our small group classes.

Expand your English vocabulary for everyday, professional, or academic situations.

Make friends and meet new people in our diverse, friendly classes.

Explore the Seattle area with our activity program.

  • Students with tourist visas (B1/B2 or ESTA) or F-2 visas can take this part-time combination.
  • This part-time combination is not suitable for students with F-1 student visas. If you have an F-1 visa, please select one of our full-time packages.

Combination Details

  • Intensive Speaking & Listening meets 2 periods daily, Monday – Friday
  • Special Topics meets 1 period daily, Monday – Thursday
    • 1 ALPS period = 50 minutes + a 10-minute break
  • Each ALPS session is 4 weeks long – take 1 or more sessions
    • Custom course dates and shorter courses of 2-3 weeks available at a discounted rate – contact us for details!
  • Beginning to advanced levels
  • Small class size guarantee – 3-8 students per class, 8 students maximum

Included Classes

Tuition: $1075 tuition per 4-week session

  • One-time application fee – $50
  • Facility & Activity fee – $35 per 4-week session
  • Book fees – $30-90, depending on your level. You will need to buy new textbooks every 1-3 sessions.


Ask a friendly ALPS advisor about courses, visas, start dates, and more.